Spectacular Sculpture is one of the rarest of the rare – a magical, hidden, road-trip location tucked off the beaten track. Paul Bobrowitz has been making found art metal sculpture as a hobby since the late 80s. His property is open sunrise to sunset and you are welcome to wander his acres of artwork.

There are some pieces reminiscent of Dr. Evermor’s ForevertronJurustic Park and the late, great Lester Schwartz. But most are wildly original, whimsical, creative, endearing, slightly unnerving and utterly engrossing.

Bobrowitz is clearly in love with experimentation. There is no one set style or material. Pieces range from a dog made of old yogurt containers to a gigantic metal pig playing a tuba! There are slick metal swirls, junk-heap grizzlies, happy, colorful frogs on bikes, sun bursts, faceless figures, junk-men and many, many signs warning you NOT to feed the mosquitoes. The art keeps going and going, tucked in corners and looming out of the trees. This place is FANTASTIC and is on virtually no travel sites. Make the trek, you will be so glad you did!

Spectacular Sculpture
N93W29174 Woodchuck Way
Colgate, WI 53017