Madison Road Trip

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Ableman’s Gorge State Natural Area

This short but interesting hike loops through an abandoned quarry. The high sandstone walls show both signs of mining, but also fossil ripple marks. There is moss everywhere – on the rock walls, fallen boulders, and under the shaded tree… Continue Reading →

Baraboo Bluffs Scenic Tour

The area around Baraboo is gorgeous and unique. Use this handy scenic drive map to wander some back roads, stopping by other attractions in the area including Devil’s Lake State Park, Durward’s Glen and Parfey’s Glen. Stop in Baraboo for… Continue Reading →

Parfrey’s Glen State Natural Area

Parfrey’s Glen, just a few miles east of Devil’s Lake State Park, is a gorgeous and rugged hike. The Glen is a wind-y slot canyon that increases in difficulty as you move further in. The trail essentially ends about half-way… Continue Reading →

Durward’s Glen Retreat and Conference Center

Durward’s Glen is akin to many other secret natural areas in Wisconsin. Tucked away and hidden by the landscape, they open suddenly into deep ravines, steep hills and snaking waterways. The glen is owned by non-profit group but is affiliated… Continue Reading →

Ice Age Trail – Baraboo

An attractive and well-paved section of the Ice Age Trail runs along the Baraboo River. You can pick up the trail from four different parks. The trail is nicely shaded by trees and is a flat and an easy walk… Continue Reading →

Al Ringling Mansion

The Baraboo area is rich with the history of the Ringling brothers, made famous from their circus. In addition to Al Ringling’s house, there’s the Al Ringling theatre, the Charles Ringling B&B and Circus World Museum. Until three years ago,… Continue Reading →

The Berry Farmer

The first trip out to The Berry Farmer to pick strawberries feels like the true start of the summer. Located a few miles outside of Baraboo, The Berry Farmer offers pick-your-own strawberries, peas and blueberries (along with some pre-picked). Head… Continue Reading →

Pewit’s Nest State Natural Area

Pewit’s Nest State Natural Area is a surprise hidden in the rolling fields around Baraboo. The entrance and parking lot is tucked in the sharp curve of County Road W. Up a short path is a beautiful little sandy pool,… Continue Reading →

Devil’s Lake State Park

Devil’s Lake State Park is one of the most magnificent state parks Wisconsin has to offer. With 44,000+ acres, even at the busiest times you can find a quiet corner to explore. The park is centered around Devil’s Lake itself… Continue Reading →