What better way to spend your retirement than making massive, clever and whimsical sculptures for your yard? Clyde and Nancy Wynia have turned their property into an “efforts of amateur paleontologist [to]…excavate and recreate as best as possible the now extinct creatures that inhabited the large McMillan Marsh near Marshfield, Wisconsin during the Iron Age.” Like Dr. Evermor’s Forevertron, the pieces are large, primarily metal and left to the elements. They are, however, far more whimsical. Nancy creates cane glasswork eyes and other embellishments for Clyde’s pieces, giving them all a slightly crazed gaze.  This is in fitting with the maniac dog riding a turtle, a barbarian riding a helicopter beast, helmeted warrior woman and a clutch of dragons (including one called ‘Merica that waves a flag).

Come at the right time and Clyde will give you a tour, complete with bad jokes. While there are numerous signs asking folks not to strike the pieces, Clyde happily “rang” a number of large, hollow pieces with a chunk of wood. The reverberated like massive bells. Many pieces are small, fast yard decorations, Clyde exhibits his true skills as a metal worker with a massive, hanging articulated pieces hadning from cages, such as Jabberwock, which move in slither in the air.

Nancy’s glass shop and studio, her Hobbit House, is centered in the yard. In addition to the eyes and embellishments on the outdoor work,she also sells jewelry and other small glasswork pieces.  Contact her if you are interested in a small, personal glassworking class! Many of the metal pieces are for sale also. They don’t ship, so plan to schlepp if you want to own one.

Jurustic Park
M222 Sugarbush Ln
Marshfield, WI 54449-9287