Anyone driving the tedium of Highway 41 near Oshkosh has seen the faded billboards with the moose, and slogan “Where do they get this stuff?” Perhaps the more pertinent question is “who buys this stuff?”

The Oshkosh store is even harder to miss than their signs. The front lot is replete with a giant moose statue, a cow flashing her udders and three deer with shotguns and a dead hunter. Inside is equally obscure. The main entrance looks like a standard cabinet design showroom, complete with brochures and samples. Behind this is the first, large warehouse room, packed to the rafters. A door directs you to yet another warehouse, filled just as full. What do they carry?  A small sampling of their goods includes:

  • Windows
  • Jake and Elwood Statues
  • Plastic tires
  • Egyptian Gods
  • Cabinets
  • A life-sized shark
  • Cupboards
  • Numerous pirate figurines
  • Sinks
  • A Veloceraptor holding a human foot
  • Counter-tops
  • Busts of Marilyn Monroe
  • Various tools
  • A number of life-sized horses
  • School supplies
  • A Venus Di Milo with what looks like an inset drawer in her belly
  • And the list goes on…

Behind the store is a sculpture garden of sorts. Reminiscent of a down-market Forevertron, it is dotted with fiberglass sculptures too large for the warehouse – buffalo, horses, a smiling tree and other bits and bobs, most likely created by the FAST Corporation. So at least you know, “who makes this stuff?”

M. Schettl Sales
5105 Cty Rd S
Oshkosh, WI


5851 Green Valley Rd
Oshkosh, WI