Update May 2016: While the FAST Corp. Fiberglass graveyard is still going strong and full of lots of new and bizarre bits and bobs, the giant fiberglass eyeball is no longer in front of the building. Currently there is a display of a Santa Claus, a giant pheasant, a bronze faux statue and a bunch of guitars. They’re all right, but no competition for the giant eyeball!

Perhaps the most bizarre location in Wisconsin, the FAST Corporation’s fiberglass mold graveyard is a testament to the Wisconsin penchant for the wacky and weird. Our semi-official motto seems to be “If it’s got a huge fiberglass statue out front, it must be good!” And these are the folks that make those iconic, totemic (and well, hell, kinda tacky)  items.

The company is hard to miss, what with the huge collection of bizarre and often unrelated fiberglass statues out front. Behind the company is a graveyard of fiberglass molds, stretching back years. Some of the shells will be very familiar – a giant mouse, ET, various cows and lumberjacks, the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe slides. Others are more perplexing – a single dinosaur foot, battered animals, stray limbs. Some are simply nightmarish.  Wander and gawk, though watch your footing.

If you need some refreshment after your visit, head into Sparta proper and hit Rudy’s Drive In Restaurant. They have the usual class drive-in fair – hamburgers, fries, root-beer floats – plus turkey and walnut burgers. Fun and retro!

FAST Corp.
14177 Co Hwy Q
Sparta, WI