Pewit’s Nest State Natural Area is a surprise hidden in the rolling fields around Baraboo. The entrance and parking lot is tucked in the sharp curve of County Road W. Up a short path is a beautiful little sandy pool, fed by a small waterfall. If the main pool is too full of people, follow the trail up and over the large sandstone hill. Here you can look 30-40 feet down into the gorge, watching Skillet Creek rush by. A steep walk down the far side of the ridge brings you to another small pool. The rocky gorge is incredible, and its sudden appearance in such gentle scenery is a bit shocking.

This is a protected area, so no food/beer bottles, fires and stick to the paths. If you jump off a cliff into the water, you may break your neck and end up as a Darwin award winner. If you have knee/hip or balance problems, this is a good park to bring a walking stick.

Be warned, busy at any time of the year, parking is impossible during the warm months. If you do want to visit when the lot is full, drive a few roads up and park safely off the shoulder. Cars on County W will be ticketed and towed.

County Road W
Baraboo, WI