Caxton Books is an inveterate reader’s fantasy bookshop. Deep, shadowy, clean, well-organized and filled with wondrous and unique books. The layout clearly follows the owner’s personal tastes. There’s a large collection of art and design in the front, mysteries and fiction, further back. And in the far back corner of the last room, behind reference books, is sci-fi. Choosing just a few books to take home is a tough but delightful job. At one point, I ran across an entire section of books that I had never seen before, nor could tell what the subject matter even was…fulfilling one of those dreams of finding a magic bookstore of mystery. The owner himself is clearly a life-long reader, devoted to providing excellent used books of all sorts (thought maybe not so much sci-fi) to the Door community. He took my purchase at the check-out and started flipping through it, murmuring “well that’s an interesting book.” Yes, yes it is. Thank you William Caxton for creating such a magical shop.

Note: I’m not sure if the shop takes plastic – best to bring cash.

William Caxton Ltd Books
Highway 42
Ellison Bay, WI