Like Spring Green, Woodstock is a town you don’t go to specifically for one thing, but instead for the ambiance. Made famous(ish) as the filming location for the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day, this charming little town is a lovely place to spend an afternoon wandering. The town square is the feature attraction, with its graceful opera house, elegant park and interesting shops ringing the edge. Outside the square are blocks of well-kept Victorian homes, perfect for wandering and sight-seeing. Come for the afternoon or stay over in one of the numerous B&Bs and catch a show at the opera house. February visitors can get the whole shabang, complete with Ground Hog Day movie viewing and walking tour.

A few shops you should visit while in town:

Ethereal Confections
Coffee and chocolate shop

Read Between the Lynes
Bookstore and ice cream shop

Burseth Farm
Goat milk soap and other products from local farmers