There are two main areas at the Tulip Fest. The major draw is, obviously, tulips. With a number of tulip growers in the area, the town hosts a festival with tulips everywhere. There are mass plantings in parks, down the roadways, at the farms, and at Tulip/Dutch based attractions. The flowers are gorgeous – swathes of glowing color stretching for acres. There simply aren’t enough superlatives for the color and variety on display.

But because this is ‘Merica, we can’t just appreciate flowers. The downtown of Holland turns into a carnival, with all the clowns on display. There’s rides, greasy food, tacky stands, and huge waits at restaurants and restrooms. Unless you have children or a masochist (or both), avoid the city center. Park on the outskirts or in a quiet neighborhood, then roam on foot. There are many nice cafes and eateries further from the downtown and people and car-filled traffic snarls.

A must-see if you are an avid gardener. Plan your May excursion ahead to avoid the crowds and it will be a very pleasant experience.

Holland Michigan