The Museum of Wisconsin Art sits atop a hill, gleaming and out of place like a spaceship sitting in a Wal-mart parking lot. The new building, opened in 2013 and designed by Jim Shields, is a fantastic, other-worldly concoction of glass and shining white walls. Inside, the museum houses a wide variety of art created by current, resident Wisconsin artists. It also features work of artists who were born or died in Wisconsin. Pieces vary widely, from jewelry and art quilts, furniture, found-art, glass-work to a massive wall-size paintings by Carl von Marr. New shows appear every 3-4 months and a year’s membership is only $12.

After you’ve eyeballed the art, pop across the pedestrian bridge and get a delicious turkey sandwich or some fresh pastries at The Idle Hour or Two.

The Museum of Wisconsin Art
205 Veterans Ave.
West Bend, WI