The Chazen (formerly Elvehjem) Museum of Art underwent a massive expansion in 2011, along with the name change. The formerly small and sleepy art museum is now substantially larger and far more vibrant. A large ground floor gallery and two smaller galleries on the second floor offer regularly changing shows. The additional upper floors house the much expanded collection. All the old favorites are there – the Egyptian art, classical paintings and modern sculptures. But the collection is now far expanded with many new and exciting pieces. While still not a massive museum, there are plenty of well-known artists – Calder mobiles, a typewriter eraser by Oldernburg, a Warhol painting of Marilyn Monroe. There are also plenty of unique and somewhat unknown artists. Stop by during one of their artist-in-residence to see one of their sponsored artists working. The Chazen still hosts Live at the Chazen on Wisconsin Public Radio, but with their new theater and lecture hall offers many other events. A truly wonderful, free museum that Madisonians are lucky to have access to.