What could be better than some spam? “Anything,” you may answer.  And you’re probably right. But that’s not going to stop you (and me!) from visiting the Spam Museum in Austin, MN. Wander in awe at the number of displays that curators managed to create, all based on one cheap, salty pork product. Play with interactive exhibits, watch the spam counter climb, and be awed that so many people would willingly put spam in their mouths. The docents at the museum seemed rather sour about their jobs. Perhaps we weren’t giving spam the gravitas they felt it observed.  Or perhaps they were just half-mad from listening to Monty Python’s Spam song on endless loop.

Note: the Spam Museum is currently in the process of moving to downtown Austin and should reopen sometime in 2016. Their website assures us that the gift shop will remain open during the move.


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