The Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, is a top go-to spot when visiting the Twin Cities. With floors of hands-on activities, the whole family can easily spend a day being amused. Areas include the human body, natural sciences, paleontology (dinosaurs), local habitats and lots of specialty shows. Visitors can create mini tornadoes, ride a gyroscope, play with color theory, magnets, a giant tide pool and a massive, interactive earthquake monitoring system.

But the true road side fan will first and foremost come to the museum for the collection of  Bob McCoy, former proprietor of The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices. Here you can see the finest quackery and flummery available to mankind – electric shock belts, snake oil, light therapy, vibrating chairs, cabinets and more.

Science Museum of Minnesota
120 W Kellogg Blvd
St Paul, MN 55102