The Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden is a clear sign that enthusiasm and talent are often two far different skills. It’s nice to have both, but enthusiasm will at least produce a large (if perplexing) body of work. The Garden is another one of Kohler Foundation’s Preserved Sites – special collections of naive art protected from destruction. Herman Rusch, creator of the garden, believed “a fellow should leave a few tracks.” And indeed he did. Like the creator of Grandview and Fred Smith’s Concrete Park, he didn’t find retirement to his liking. To while away the years, Rusch created his “few tracks.” His garden is a vast collection of cement sculptures, created to fit his fancy of the moment. Amusing, colorful, and very joyful.

On the way out, take a side trip to see the Rock in the House. It totally lives up to its name.

Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden
Prairie Moon Road
Fountain City, WI