Peninsula is a perennial favorite and one we look forward to returning to again and again. There are plenty of winding, woody trails with magnificent views of the water throughout the park. But the gem we return to in the Eagle Trail. This trail is a winding, rocky and often steep trail the curves along the edge of Green Bay. While the views are beautiful, the rocky walls which the trail clings to are the real stars. The cliffs at the heart of the trail go 150 feet high. Caves appear in the cliff face and there are numerous small “cavelettes” you can explore. With the dense woods, curving, sinuous tree branches growing at odd angles, and rocky cliffs, the Eagle Trail feels like an adventure in India or some lost city in Thailand.

Another awe-inspiring part of the Peninsula is man-made. The overlook tower has always been popular, but not accessible to everyone. The park has remedied this recently with a massive, wheelchair-accessible ramp. To reach the height needed for good views, to withstand storms and to make the grade relatively manageable, this ramp feels like it was made to build a pyramid. The scale is simply immense.

Peninsula State Park
9462 Shore Rd
Fish Creek, WI 54212