Let’s be clear here, this is the National Mustard Museum, mmm-kay? This isn’t just some local, small-time mustard museum. Nope, national. Top of the line, leader of the pack, far out-ranking any other mustard museum in the country. That is, if there are any.

Do you love mustard? No?¬† Doesn’t matter. What matters is this bizarre little place exists and they have A LOT of mustard. There’s jars and bottles from every state and almost every country in the world. In addition, there are historic product displays, a mustard jar collection, a small cafe and a mustard movie playing.

While the museum is free, its main source of income is its extensive gift shop. There is plenty of serious stuff – mustards (of course), barbecuing items, snacks etc – but the real swag worth visiting for is the novelty mustard items. Need some Meowstard for your cat? Petsup for you dog? A mustard-colored yarmulke? The only all-mustard vending machine in the world ? How about one of the the wide range of Poupon U shirts and gifts?

If your stomach isn’t roiling with…delight…after visiting the museum, stop by the Hubbard Ave. Diner next door for some great¬† food and pie!
 National Mustard Museum
7477 Hubbard Avenue
Middleton, WI 53562

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