Milwaukee’s Natural History Museum

A natural history museum is usually a safe bet for entertaining a group of people with diverse interests. There’s dinosaurs, live butterflies, very dead bugs,  minerals and shells, ancient cultures, the rain forest and dioramas galore. There are all the wonderful satisfying touches, reminiscent of the golden age of exploration – wood and glass cases from the 1800s, brass tags, painted scenes with costumed dummies or stuffed wild animals, and collections of exotic bits and bobs from all around the world.

No visit it complete with a trip to The Streets of Milwaukee. The recreation of an “old Milwaukee” allows visitors to peer into the lit and decorated homes of various immigrant groups. It has a wonderfully kitschy Victorian vibe (the one where it’s always Christmas and no one dies of TB). See a past world that never really existed this way, but is fun to imagine.

Check hours before visiting; sometimes the museum closes early for special events. Also, check the calendar for special travelings shows, Imax movies and more.

800 W Wells St.
Milwaukee WI