The Milwaukee Art Museum’s new Quadracci Pavilion, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, has won numerous awards for its fantastic design. The white “wings” of the hall open twice a day – 10 am and 5 pm (8 on Fridays). Inside the building is as magnificent as the outside.

The collections in the new hall and the older, brutalist building are comprehensive and varied. There are usually one or two visiting special shows with a unique focus. These, along with their regular galleries, are a good full afternoon wander. A third or so of the collection is larger modern pieces, followed by an interesting mix of furniture, paintings, and some very unique rooms where a variety of items are pulled together into one comprehensive collection. There are a number of pieces by noteable “big name” artists. But there is also a collection of folk/naive art, equally as interesting to the familiar art.

A bit pricey, particularly with parking, but a nice place to spend a grey winter day.
Milwaukee Art Museum
700 N. Art Museum Drive
Milwaukee, WI