Though a very familiar scent that reminds me of my childhood visits to Madison, I won’t lie to you. The entrance way to Midway Asian Foods is stinky. No matter how recently it appears to have been cleaned, there is a lingering fish scent. Press on through and you will be rewarded!

Likely the oldest Asian foods market in Madison, Midway has a vast array of imported and domestic foods at fantastic prices. Need fresh crab, cactus leaves, tofu or lotus root? They have it. Agave nectar soda? Yep. Fried rice balls with sesame seeds and red bean paste in the center?  Oh hells yeah. Curries, soy sauces, gelatinous coconut or roast duck? All there. Need a durian? (No, you really don’t)They still have it. Come for some tofu, leave with a basket of stuff you’re not sure what to do with, but will most likely be delicious.

Midway Asian Foods
301 S Park St
Madison, WI 53715