Artist Mary Nohl has an out-sized reputation in Wisconsin. Lauded as an “outsider artist”, despite her Art Institute of Chicago degree, she has been demonized, vandalized, lauded and mocked. After her death, Nohl’s collection of whimsical yard art became the subject of great contention. Unpleasant pedant neighbors didn’t want her art in their neighborhood, nor did they want visitors coming to view the art. The Kohler Foundation (bless their hearts), a group focused on preserving outsider and naive art, saved many pieces. The battle to keep in art in situ seems to have finally been settled – leaving it at the original location. “The Witch’s House” was placed on the National Register of Historic places in 2015.  However, the house and yard are not open to visitors. Drive by to take a peek if you are in the area. Don’t expect a warm welcome from the natives.

Mary Nohl House