Update: Due to the closing of the Wisconsin College at the Carroll St. location, the museum has also apparently closed.

Madison’s newest museum is located on the 6th floor of the downtown MATC building. Founded by Professor Dave Nelson of the UW-Madison, the museum aims to make science interesting and accessible to all. A self-described pack-rat, much of the collection is bits and bobs of old science technology that Nelson has collected over his 40+ years as a professor. Even older pieces were inherited by from his predecessor, yet another pack rat. Still other bits were picked up the UW-SWAP.

Plenty of the museum is hands-on, including a room created by local maker-space Sector67. While some of the displays need a bit of work, there are plenty of fascinating items like an original X-ray machine used for fitting shoes (and giving cancer), a display of macro-photography, and even a station to extract DNA strands in just minutes! Come on up and get your own tube of DNA goo to take home!

Madison Science Museum