The Logan Museum of Anthropology, located on the UW-Beloit campus, is the amuse-bouche of anthropology museums. There is a teeny tiny bit of everything, giving you a minute sample…but really not enough to learn anything. Additionally, while collection is called a “museum” it is clearly more of a store-house for the anthropology department. The gallery is converted from an old church and is high but not wide. Vertical glass cabinets reach to the ceiling, stuffed with dimly lit items. The vast majority of the items are too dark to see and above eye-level. Nowhere on this collection of pottery and baskets are any identifying labels. Looks ancient Mayan, maybe modern Inuit, possibly off Etsy, who knows? The pieces on display are quite attractive, but the lack of information is exceptionally frustrating. On the outer walls are another random smidgen of displays, mostly coming from past university expeditions. The upper gallery contains a number of cabinets with drawers, showing other small collections. Most are locked, so it’s a game of whack-a-mole to find the ones with current exhibits. More bits and bobs are in cases on the outer walls. There is a bit more information here, but still minimal at best. It’s a fun museum to visit, but still rather unsatisfying. If you do enjoy this collection, be sure to make a trip over to Milwaukee’s Public Natural History Museum.

Logan Museum of Anthropology
700 College St
Beloit, WI 53511