The walking path around Lake Geneva extends between 20-26 miles, depending on the source. Regardless, only the most avid of hikers is likely to complete the whole thing in a day. The path meanders through the back yards of some of the most exclusive properties in Wisconsin. Once a home to many of Chicago’s robber barons, a few of the old mansions are left, looming over the lake. The majority of the homes are newer replacements, many lacking in the original grandeur. Path quality is spotty. In some places, well tended and welcoming. In others, barely visible, muddy, rocky and unsafe. Travel the path at your own hazard. As lovely as the views are, it isn’t a path those less than steady on their pins will want to try. Strollers and wheelchairs are definite no-gos. But if you’re nosy and like walking, this is the trail for you!