Does spending an hour looking at toilets and taps sound like torture to you? You’ve clearly never been to the Kohler Design Center Showroom! The Kohler company has been around since the 1870s, making toilets, tubs, sinks and more. Their quality products have made the family very wealthy, and they have shared with the people of Wisconsin through the Kohler foundation, JM Kohler Art Center, Art Preserve and so much more. Being so involved with the arts, it’s no surprise visiting their showroom is as enjoyable as visiting one of their museums.

Ogle elegant sinks, twiddle taps, stare in awe at the wall of toilets and smirk at some of the more over-the-top multi-head showers. The ground floor atrium is all Kohler products, installed so you can touch them. Head upstairs to see the products installed in little set piece rooms. These rooms are often completely impractical and wildly amusing. They are also absolutely delightful to prowl through. If you’re looking for a new toilet or kitchen tap, why not spend an hour in the Design Center Showroom? Who knows, you too may be inspired to install a fur covered chaise near your tub!

Kohler Design Center Showroom
101 Upper Rd
Kohler, WI 53044