The Jelly Belly warehouse tour is nothing but sheer fun. Visitors pop their paper hats on, hop on the Jelly Belly express train and are given a guided tour of the jelly bean making process. While not a true factory tour – there’s no production at this facility – the videos are surprisingly interesting. The warehouse has plenty to to gawk at, including a collection of jellybean embellished fashion, jellybean art, huge candies hanging from the ceiling and more. On the way out of the free tour you are given a free packet of jellybeans, essentially to prime the pumps. Once appropriately primed, you exit through the Jelly Belly shop where you can purchase fudge, taffy, clothing, toys and your literal weight in jelly beans. Fan-tastic!

Jelly Belly Warehouse Tour
10100 Jelly Belly Ln
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158