Minneapolis’s Hunt & Gather calls itself an “antique store,” but the title doesn’t do it justice. The  location, once seen, is never forgotten. One of their specialties is old sign letters.  The front of the store is crusted (for lack of a better word), with letters and numbers from dozens of now defunct locations.

Inside is as equally fascinating and quirky. There’s plenty of your standard antique “junque” – old plates, costume jewelry, vintage clothing, etc. However, Hunt & Gather goes further with more unique items, such as skulls, lighting, natural bits and bobs like coral and shells, old science posters, and bolts of fabric. While the aisles are narrow and every inch covered in merchandise, Hunt & Gather avoids many of the more off-putting things most antique stores have. There is little dust, no “old sweat” smell and most rooms are brightly lit by racks of succulent plants under grow lights (also for sale). Witty, fun and unique and with equally interesting staff.

Hunt & Gather
4944 Xerxes Ave South
Minneapolis MN, 55410