A drive-in is a delightful anachronism in these days of streaming services. But there’s something so truly summery about going to the drive-in. Though the Highway 18 Theatre has since switched to digital projection to the get newest movies, they still play the traditional Loony Tunes cartoon beforehand. Currently $10 a head gets you a double-feature of whatever hot mess Hollywood is currently producing. The theatre does aim to create double-features tomatch the audience – two kids movies, two action, etc. However, if you plan to stay for both, don’t expect to get home before 1am at the earliest. Movies start at sundown. Hit the concession stand for a variety of snacks, tune your radio in to the audio station (though a few rows in the back still have the speakers), spread out your blankets or chairs, and enjoy!

Note: while the movie doesn’t start until it is dark, be sure to get there early for a good spot!

Highway 18 Drive-in
W6423 US-18
Jefferson, WI