The Fort Crawford museum is housed in the old fort’s medical building. While not much remains of the Fort, some archeological work is being done. The collection is a bit of a mish-mash. There is a focus on medicine, with an interesting collection of creepy and questionable medical devices. There is also a large display on Dr. William Beaumont. Beaumont was able to study the human digestive system after treating a patient who had been shot in the stomach. The wound never fully healed, and Beaumont made many (arguably unethical) experiments by dropping food directly into the stomach on string. Like many scientific pioneers and their advances, they still leave the modern audience a bit queasy.

Another second museum holds a large collection of historical artifacts from the surrounding Prairie du Chien. There’s even a nice display on National Mole Day, a sweet holiday made up by a local teacher in the 80s.

Fort Crawford Museum
717 S Beaumont Rd
Prairie Du Chien