Ferry Bluff is a must-see Wisconsin location that takes a bit more effort than others to visit. Follow the well-maintained dirt road into the parking area. This is not a full lot, per se, and larger vehicles may have some turnaround issues. The sandy path boarders some marshy shallows on the edge of the Wisconsin River. Many signs warn not to wade due to swift current and drop-offs. The sludgy water and scum on the edge should be off-putting enough.

The path soon turns upward in a steep, 20% grade switch-back trail. There are numerous uneven areas, loose gravel and steps two to three feet high. This is not a trail for the faint of heart. But once you emerge (panting) to the top, the view is unbeatable. The Wisconsin River, dotted with sandbars, spreads out below you for miles, with rolling hills beyond. There are few views this spectacular in the state; it is on par with Wildcat Mountain.

Additionally, the bluff is a micro-climate, complete with its own localized miniature fauna and very similar to The Wisconsin Desert. Strap on your hiking boots, bring some water and head up the bluff!

Ferry Bluff
Ferry Bluff Road
Sauk City, WI