There are second-hand book stores, clean and well lit with a computerized catalog, tchotchkes at the checkout and frequent buyer clubs. And they’re ok, good for finding the occasional beach read you can leave behind at a hotel.

But then are are Used Bookstores. These are the meccas of the true bibliophile. Dark, dusty, full of lumpen chairs, random images tacked to the walls and a wildly eclectic collection of books. Will you find something you came in for? Not likely. Will you find something marvelous? Every time.

Drifltess Books and Music lives up the the highest of Used Bookstore standards. I needed my phone to read titles, the book selections were all over the map (and world), random bits of detritus decorated the aisles and the checkout involved a massive paper ledger and a cash box. Heaven! Stop by for books, stop by again later for concerts and shows.

518 Walnut St
Viroqua, WI 54665