While its theme is massive, The Dinosaur Discovery Museum is very small. There is only one, long gallery with a collection that is mostly casts and replicas of bone. The few real bones on display are tiny (as in toe bone tiny). The basement contains a small play area. It also has what is likely the most interesting part of the museum – a working paleontologists’ lab. Here a few prime finds from the Carthage Institute of Paleontology are displayed, compete with post-note descriptions.

The museum isn’t bad, per se. The descriptions of the different replica skeletons are quite good, much more so than many large museums. Any small children who are really into dinosaurs will go mental over this display. And I suspect parents tired of hearing about dinosaurs will be grateful it isn’t larger. It’s just not a go-to museum for those interested in a large, varied collection of real bones.

Dinosaur Discovery Museum
5608 Tenth Avenue
Kenosha, Wisconsin