Update: As of 2023, Betty Danger’s is closed. It will be sorely missed!

Billed as the “country club for the 99%”, this ludicrous haven of pink and green plaid is (unsurprisingly) neither in the country, nor a club. What it does have is astro-turf lampshades, paintings of pugs in cones, tacos, hunting prints on the ceiling, ludicrous fiberglass animals, and a miniature golf green that goes through the restaurant. Best of all is the enormous pink and green Ferris wheel with fabulous views of the Minneapolis skyline. Yes you can have drinks and food on it, but don’t bring the children – they’re not allowed. Heaven! For any fan (or “fan”) of the Prep Handbook, this is your own personal Heathers fantasy come true.  Put on your giant pink hairbow, Muffy. We’re going out!

Betty Danger’s Country Club
2501 Marshall St. NE