Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary has had some dramatic updates in the last few years. An updated lagoon area with man-made waterfall, a wooden bridge and lots of landscaping has been added.

Sadly, one area that hasn’t been updated are the animal enclosures. Outdoor exhibits are still small, pathetic, dark boxes with one or two birds or animals in them. Both indoor and outdoor “habitats” contain no live plants, relying instead on dead branches or plastic plants. Enclosures for all animals are small and I suspect many of the indoor animals have gone insane from the ear-splitting looped tracks of animal and insect sounds. While many animals are rescues, it is not pleasant to see them in such bleak environments. Bay Beach is fundraising for expansion.  I really hope this extends to their animal care and environments and not just showy grounds.

Also of note, Bay Beach allows feeding of birds and sells corn at the wildlife center. Birds tend to be pushy and aggressive and small children may be overwhelmed and swarmed.

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary
1660 East Shore Drive
Green Bay, WI 54302