If you’re in the Wauwatosa area, take a few minutes to go look at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. Though it rarely allows visitors in for tours, this crazy, unique building is worth a look. Built by the high priest of mid-west architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, it stands out from his far more staid prairie-style buildings. Like a massive cerulean and cream UFO, the church hovers on the crest of a hill. That something so wildly different was ever built seems almost inconceivable in our current age of cheap, ugly and utilitarian buildings. Sadly, like many of Wright’s masterpieces, the church shows signs of decay. Wright was a brilliant architect …not so much with the engineering. Still, everything from the vast expanse of the dome, curvilinear front door and tiny edging details is beautifully designed and perfectly placed.

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
9400 W Congress St.
Milwaukee, WI 53225